Sunday, 30 May 2010

Sunday today. i have been chilling for the last couple of days mostly. today I went on an explore to take some photos. i had reasonable success.
I then got distracted by some bloke for qbout two hours. one of the problems of talking to people a lot is that occassionally you end up getting sidetracked by people who turn out to be nutters.

I am off to the field from tomorrow until next saturday. we are going to a village miles away from the nearest road up in the hills. its going to be all kinds of knackering.

Its strange, i have been off since tuesday afternoon just chilling for various reasons and I felt that I had recovered on about friday but now I feel even more tired.
hoping that doing the exercise of a week of transects willperk me up. and kill me again likely as not.

I have been thinking about doing a little bit of travelling after i have my data. it is fraustrating that I am this close to madagascar but dont really have the time to go there. I plan to go to moheli at some point, one of the other islands of the comoros, and see turtles laying their eggs. they also have a marine reserve so i want to go see that.
I think I might go to moheli about 10 days before my flight, see that a bit and then move onto grand comore wjhen I have seen the things I want to see and see some stuff there. madagascar will have to wait.

Im getting some great photos out here. i went to gget some of people today, as you have to chat them up a bit first. its easiest if they have a kid cos then i can make them laugh by getting my hair out.

the thing ive been trying to capture is the haphazard building approach
like 4 storey buildings which reach the other side of the street, have the steps on the outside and have palmleaf huts on the outside. they build buildings over a series of years here, building a new bit when they have the money, meaning that there are loads of empty shells of buildings. there are a lot of ruins as well, many in the center of the town, just big piles of rubble.

Ive been reading harry potter.
loving the escapism, i always get wonderfully transported by harry potter.

anyway nothing much exciting has happened, i have just been relaxing. next week is going to be tough I think.

much love to all


  1. Hi just got back from France, how was your weeks trekkin?
    I am looking forward to your next report and I'd love to see your photos so far.

  2. ps please could you bring me back some feathers? Mx

  3. Hi, how was your trip? hope all is going well Mx