Monday, 10 May 2010

Monday week one
So I went into the office today. Exciting stuff, met all the people who work there, its quite a big project. Its all run by this guy Hugh, whos house I'm staying at. Very bright and generous man. I met the three local guys who I will be working with, all very friendly. The french is battering my brain about quite a bit, getting to grips with the accent is tricky. Also when people slip Comorian words into sentences that confuses the hell out of me. On wednesday and thursday we will do trial runs of the method, which should be good. then for four days a week for the next month or so I should be staying out at various places in the field getting data. Exciting stuff. The heat here is knackering still. I got home and slept for two hours. Also it gets dark at about 6:30, which I find strange as I associate summer conditions with late evenings. Prayers have just started, you can hear them calling from the mosques all over the town.
Lunch today was fish and fried green bananas with a sauce that tasted of pepper spray.
I have decided I do not like fried green bananas, although apparantly those were not good ones. Whilst the food here can be good, some of it is best eaten in the dark. Which as it turns out is where you eat it as most street food is sold in little palmleaf huts.

anyhoo thats all for now
love to all.
pls comment!


  1. Woots! sounds cool big fellah! I can imagine the heat getting to someone as hairy as you!


  2. I think a full body wax is in order.....

  3. they love the hair here. srsly
    I keep being called a Jowla, which is a kinda hairy muslim monk.
    and I get asked to take my hair out of its tie quite a lot. They have never seen hair like mine on a man before!