Tuesday, 11 May 2010

started to arrange stuff today. Looks like im going to have a very exhausting schedule, climbing up mountains most days. Should be good. It chucked it down today. looks epic, there is mist all around the mountain tops and everything is very green, so you get these forests dissappearing into the mist, towering over the city. I tried to get some photos but ended up chatting to a guy named Bouba. Most of my walks and things get sidetracked by meeting people.
Tomorow I am going to climb my first mountain, we are doing a first test transect. I shall also be buying a sim card!
I think I will have a lie in as well. Woop!
I'm hoping to see the biggest bat species in the world too, a 2 metre wingspan!

I love the lizards here, they live in peoples houses and appear to be territorial as they only appear individually and there is only one that goes onto our sitting room window. I say window, hole with gauze over it. Most houses here don't have glass in the windows, and ours is no exception. There is a baby one that lives in my room. Its about 4 cm long. They are both bright green.

Also while I am rambling wildly, the dreams I am getting here are insane. I think its the heat, but srsly. In one the other night I went to the loo and gave birth to 40 crayfish. Scarily enough I thought it was real at the time...

Oh yes and last night I was woken up by a cockroach trying to burrow into my ear. The most unpleasent wakening I have ever had.

Thats all for now
Love to all


  1. The cockroach story will now officially feature in my nightmares, thank you.
    Love you! x

  2. Hehe, awesome! if it makes you feel better a lot of people seem to be having crazy dreams. Yours ranks up there though, possibly the strangest, little hairy crayfish.

  3. You've clearly never woken up next to my ex-girl friend! "Badum-tish"
    Ok I made that up to sound witty.

    You probably have...

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