Wednesday, 12 May 2010

SO today I walked up into the forest! It was fucking epic. I am so goddam tired. In height alone I climbed over a kilometre and then down again. in the dark. Also we got great data, which bodes really fucking well. goddam it was good. proper rainforest. fucking scary coming down in the dark though. also I trod on a giant snail, which was most upsetting as it looked like my pet snails (also giant african land snails). I say fireflies. They are every bit as magical as you can imagine and then some. I was sitting on the side of a very steep slope, the mountains rolling down below me, listening for owls and they were just flitting through the trees, eerie little lights looking very much like they didn't really belong outside of mythology. I am completely nackered but elated. and I shall do it all again tomoz.

sleep now


  1. that sounds awesome, hope you are taking pics even if you havent figured out how to put them on here yet!

  2. Samueeeeel! I just got off the phone with Belinda who is having some technical difficulties but wanted me to tell you that she is reading, avidly, even if she can't comment yet!
    This is turning out to be far more successful than the last blog! Fran has it right, you have to take lots of pictures so we can all ooh and aah when you get back. So glad you're having such a wonderful time - the snails love and miss you (and I haven't told them about your little incident.) Same goes for me.
    Love you much x

  3. Hi, I have been trying to comment every day and just called cazz to find out how to do it. If this is successful then woopi. It is brilliant hearing about your trip, I can really imagine it which is so exciting. I have had delicious green bananas, so keep trying.
    Have you heard about our new government, they are the con-dem government! Don't suppose you imagined you were voting for the conservatives when you voted lib dem, but the greens got in in Brighton centre!