Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Hi everyone. Loads of people seem to be reading this, im flattered! thankees.
I got back yesterday from the highest mountain on the island. it was knackering,i climbed over a kilometre up, and some of it twice and all of it in the dark.
oh and I saw an owl! little more than a sillouette but I saw one.

I still cantget over the coconut crabthough, it was HUGE.

I have been at home recoveringthe last couple of days, part of what Ihave been doing is waging war on the kitchen cockroaches. they are fucking abhorrant. I have discovered that if the get intothe sink they cantget out so I have been using that and boiling water as one of my main weapons.
srsly, the fact that they have no bins here does not help things. though they have had a major river of rubbish burn the last couple of days.

I realised today today that I have gotten used to being drenched in sweat. never thought id say that.
I hardly speak english here as well. I know one english speaker and I see her once a week tops for a couple of hours, so my french is getting a good workout.

I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that there are about 10 white people on the entire island, it means that many people I meet either havent seen a white person or have only seen one or two, which makes me feel a bit like a victorian explorer.
and they certainly havent seen one with my hair which is fun.

I have been visiting the malagash bar a bit more. I have been proclaimed a brother of the owner, which is nice cos it means i can sit out back where people are more interesting.also he insists on feeding me every time I go, so we sit in his mud hut (which has satelite tv) and eat and talk about deep philosophical questions.
I think he is one of the most generous human beings I have ever met. there are a kinda gang of young people who live in his little buisness (he brews all the coconut beer on site and on the same day its drunk) and most of them are orphans or people whos parents have been unable to look after them. Many of them have lived there since they werer children.
Its a bit humbling really.

I intend to make some bread tomoz, thebread they have here is shite.
I need to find yeast however. in order to buy things here you have to know people or get lucky.

Ive been largely living off the various pastry things that they sell at the side of the road here. they are very nice. they make this thing here, its kinda like a flapjack made with nuts and ginger. very tasty.

anyhoo thats all I can think of for now
lots of love and thanks for reading

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  1. hi you could eat the cockroaches i think henry has a good thai recipe, or it could have been vietnamese. you could also make soda bread if there is no yeast you use baking soda instead, but you would need to check the recipe, it is delicious. Who are you going up the mountains with? Glad you have seen an owl, at least you can count one.lots of love M x