Wednesday, 19 May 2010

just a quick one. did my first transect, monday to wed. the most physically demanding thing I have ever done by miles.
Hoping that the next one wont be to bad.
I also saw a coconut crab. it was the size of my head and on a mountain. I love that such a thing exists. srsly it was huge.

I also got shouted et by le,urs again.
oh also the best thing happened. I was halfway up this mountain, covered in sweat and we found a stream with a pool to bath in. it was one of the best things ever I tell you.

I also met the headman of a village.

and saw a spider that was too big for me to be ok about.
love to all


  1. I don't suppose it's practical, but you should DEFINITELY try to take a photo of a coconut crab!
    Also, I'm super proud of you, but then you already knew that :)
    Love you x

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