Thursday, 10 June 2010

Hi all
sorry about the delayed update, there have been rolling blackouts and connection problems.

It has been much of the same really, lots of mountain climbing in the dark.
I have however seen lemurs!
a troop of them came to inspect me when we were in teh forest, very cool little creatures. they make the strangest noises. I al very happy to have seen lemurs in the wild, they are damn cool.
I also did a transect along a river where I caught a meal load of big crayfish and contemplated catching some of the many eels that we saw. given i was doing all the fishing with my bare (bear?) hands I decided that was a bad idea.

I spent last week in a village up in the mountains, its about an hours climb from the nearest road. it was interesting. All the huts were mud grass and various leaves.

I have also seen a large number of hermit crabs.for no apparant reason our transect last night was covered in them. Huge ones too. if you startle them they have a whole bunch of escape techniques, from balling up and rolling down the hill to dropping their shells and running off with their soft bodies in tow!

other than that im just pottering really, either climbing or sleeping and watching random dvds.

love to all hope you are well!


  1. Tell us more about your transects, what do you do on them? How is your language going? Is there a big difference as you go up into the mountains?
    I would love to see lemurs in the wild and perhaps hermit crabs, are they not on the beach, I don't understand.
    Always enjoy your blogs, Mx

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  3. hi could you read the email from me please