Sunday, 13 June 2010

Hi all
I was booked to go to the arse end of nowhere today, which involves a massive journey and lots of climing just to get to the tiny village, however it appears there is rain so i am going elsewhere!
I cant tell you how glad i am of this.
especially as I am going to the mangroves instead!
this is wonderfull for two reasons, one I have not worked in mangroves before, despite wanting to and two they are flat. the are fucking flat oh dear god they are flat. I never want to see another mountain again.
on the upside I have gotten a lot better at climbing mountains. I reclimbed the first one I climbed when i got here and it was unrecognisable! last time I left at 3 and got back at 11, this time I left at about 4.30 due to my colleague being late and got back at 9.30 in time to watch the world cup! and i did twice as many points! admittadly the speedy return may have been partially due to the fact that we ran back down the mountain so I could watch the football! It was a massive success on that one in fact as I thought that the football started at 8:30 so i was hoping to catch the end but I got back literally as the players walked onto the pitch! wonderfull.

The people who live in the house I have been living in co$e back this week, so I will no longer have the house to myself. I will have some company however so that will be exceedingly nice.

anyhoo much love

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  1. Hi, how was your trip? Henry is down everest but have only heard from him once. I just bought a giant map of the world so I can see where you are, not where I had imagined as it turns out. Which island are you on exactly? Hope all is well and you are enjoying having company in your hut.