Monday, 28 June 2010

Update time!
its been quite a time of late!
I have had some hard and interesting transects and some heavy nights.
last week I went to the mangroves, which was fun! I ate a load of a fruit there that is endemic to that region of anjouan... as I understand it, its only found on an area about the size of brighton and thats its entire world range, which is a shame because its delicious.
I saw turtle shells there as well, quite strange.
I also managed to get eaten alive by fleas of some sort from a matress there, yuck!
one side effect of this career is that there is a really large range of things that have bitten and stung me.
I got stung by a baby portugese man of war the other day!
or if it wasnt one of those it certainly looked like one

I had a mega climb the other day, over a km in height climbed and about 15km in distance. was tough. then I ran down it in teh dark. I realised half way down that I now descend hills at almost the same speed as the anjouanese, which is saying something, which is nice because it means at some point I have learnt to keep up.
and climbing through a forest high up on a mountain in gale force winds and fog in the dark is something that is quite unlike anything else I have done.

I got hammered after that, and the next day as it was the malagash anniversary of independance.
it is the anjouanese day of independance on monday, though i doubt they will get pissed. there will probably just be lots of men in white robes swaying to repetative shite music while the women arent allowed in.
having said that, I could see living here for a longer time would not be to bad, iots been very nice here. I only have 2 more weeks on the island now as Im going to go explore moheli and grand comoros after that and then return home, where I shall begin frantically analysing and writing up. I so far have a 68 in my coursework, which means as they only give marks in 65,68,72 type slots if I get a 72 then I get a distinction overall which would be nice.

today was a bit of a failure, lots of lateness and punctures culminated in me not doing a transect. the only one ive lost to logistics though which i think isnt too bad. ive lost quite a few to weather and politics though.
ive gotten good data though. looks like ill be able to do an accurate description of the habitat choices of the species, a population estimate and a distribution map, so all good stuff. ive gotten about 180 owl recordings over something like 140 points
I saw the gps earlier and when its been on I have climber 15 kilometers and walked 125, though I have done much more than that in total because its only on when im doing a transect :p not to bad I think!

I only have 5ish transects left to do now and i have two weeks to do them in, which is very nice. shocking that ive gotten it all done in some ways.

ok thats all for now, i need to send an important email, love to all


  1. Why do you blogs always involve near death experiences?
    I am glad it is going so well, I have been worrying about you as you hadn't blogged for ages so it was good to hear the latest. You and Henry will both be super fit for climbing, he has just got back from his Everest trip so you can compare notes. love M xx

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  3. That flag person bugs me.....

  4. not that many of my posts involve near death experiences, this one doesnt have any. running down a hill does not count as a near death experience.

    yeah I was deleting the flag comments but i got bored of doing it.

    im off to moheli on tuesday, to see turtles and reefs!

  5. Sam - this is great stuff - you make me smile!!! xx Megan