Sunday, 13 June 2010

tis sunday and a lil late so Im just gonna do a quick one.
been crayfishing, ive been eating them for about 3 days now we caught so many!

Im off to a village in the mountains until probably thursday tomoz.
its all going well, getting good data. Im feeling intensely lazy atm. all I want to do is chill and watch tv.
Perhaps tomoz I will have more energy.

The habitat of the island is baisically plantations at lower levels or anywhere easy to get to, turning into degraded forest and finally pristine forest depending on how much of a hassle it is to get there.
we normally climb 600 metres or so in about 2 kilometers. steep
ocassionally we climb faster than that. one bit we climbed 500 metres in 500 metres. was insane.

ok too tired for this kinda thing more on thursday if i can get online
lve to all

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  1. Hey you,
    I got your text and tried sending you a reply... methinks it's a lost cause sadly :( You can always text me when you're online and I'll come say howdy.
    Be safe up there on the mountain.
    Love you lots x