Thursday, 30 June 2011

Land management crazy

So I have spent the last few days doing land management stuff. Tis exceedingly tough, I spent 7 hours today in a council meeting. I have also been butting up against one of the africans on the team I'm working with who is an utter moron. anyway I'm learning a massive amount about african negotiation. As it turns out one of the other guys is great so I've been working with him.

Also I got an article published!

Pretty happy with that :D

So the volunteers and my girlfriend turn up on tuesday, exciting stuff.I'm going to go and get them from the nearish town of Ifakara. It will almost count as a day off. I realised the other day that I have had half a day off since early May. One of the downsides of being the "big boss" is that everyone saves up all their problems for you to solve.

we have chickens which I have just about managed to get to stay in camp. Touch wood. for some reason their presence or absence has a huge effect on my stress levels.

I realised that I had reached some level of aclimatisation the other night, I saw a tarantula when I was brushing my teeth and I spat toothpaste at it until it fucked off. It looked a bit peeved. But minty.

I also discovered that they sell the same kind of palm sap beer that they sell in the Comoros which is epic news. Its stonger here which is kind of a scary idea. It reminds me of good times though.

I'm also negotiating a deal with a local teak company to survey their nontimber woodlands which looks like a really fun project. lots of walking about in forests catching birds and things.

anyway I must go now, boss duties call.

love to all

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