Saturday, 2 July 2011

busy busy

so still running about doing land management stuff.lots of not particularly interesting meetings. there are exciting bits though when I'm asked to give advice.

I managed to find some time to play some football yesterday although as it turns out the Tanzanians don't really understand football. They play with goals 2 foot wide and they don't really try to score, they just pass the ball between each other. theres all the normal running around looking excited but theres no point, they aren't trying to go in any direction or achieve anything just pass it between them. They have two teams but I think thats more of a formality.I played for about half an hour before getting mindnumbingly bored and leaving. It's literally football without the interesting bits, which is saying something.

anyway leave some comments people



  1. Yaayyy wooot!

    Glad you are enjoying it! And have found your beloved palm sap beer.

    Miss your hairiness.


  2. hehe yeah that stuffs killer, fairyweight or no fairyweight.

    miss your smallness