Wednesday, 22 June 2011

broken car

So I am learning a lot about how to fix cars.
the coolong fan on the waterpump broke loose and battered the radiator. we got a tow to the nearest village where we welded the thing back on and repaired the radiator using tea to block up the joke. i have spent today doing some serious barganing to get new(ish) parts. unfortunately i missed the last ferry back so im in ifikara tonight.

oh also a headless snake slithered into my room the other day. turns out its a legless skink that has no eyes, nose and a mouth thats invisible. its literally like a snake with two tails. bloody wierd. oh also i had a tarantula under my bed, that was awesome. i moved him on. he looked peeved.

I also ran a three day camp in the forest with all the staff which was fun. Its very strange being called boss all the time. the tanzanians are very heirarcical, which as I was the boss of their previous boss means they take it quite seriously.I'll see if i can stick up photos tomoz. bed time now though

love to all

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